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Watermelon Tourmaline and Diamond 10k Gold Pendant

Watermelon Tourmaline and Diamond 10k Gold Pendant

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Rare Natural Watermelon Tourmaline and 1 Natural White Diamond set in 10k Gold Pendant.

These petite looking beauty’s are just the most gorgeous pieces of jewellery. Perfect gifts for that special someone or the perfect way to treat yourself. These were a very rare and exciting find for us here, a crystal we have always wanted to see and now we can share these beautiful pieces with our customers!

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Stamped EM 10K

With x1 Natural Watermelon Tourmaline and x1 Natural White Diamond

10.2 by 0.5mm and 0.5mm in depth

(Please look up these measurements and understand the size before purchasing thank you.) We will be adding a photo with the pendant in hand to show more of a size reference. 

Does not include the gold chain 

How is Watermelon Tourmaline created?

Most tourmaline deposits are found in veins that run through rocks, which were created by molten magma from volcanoes. As the magma cooled, large cracks formed, which were filled with a solution of water and minerals such as iron, lithium or manganese that, over time, turned into crystals of tourmaline and other stones. It is these trace elements that give tourmalines their vivid colours, ranging from red, green and blue to yellow and orange.

The bi-coloured and multi-coloured zoning that we see in tourmaline gems happens when the trace elements change in concentration or composition during a crystal’s growth. These unique gems can have coloured zones across the length of the crystal, or they can have a core of one colour and an outer edge of another colour. A single tourmaline crystal can contain up to 15 different colours or shades.

In watermelon tourmaline, pink and green Elbaite crystals are found in the same stone, and these colour zones provide a visual record of its formation process.

As the watermelon tourmaline crystal grows and thickens, it is exposed to different minerals such as manganese and lithium, which cause the gem to change colour from a pink centre through a pale zone to the green rind.

Thank you for reading through till the end 💖 we hope you know just how precious these beauty’s are.  

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