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Ember Moonstones

Pounamu Hei Toki

Pounamu Hei Toki

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Kawakawa Pounamu New Zealand Greenstone Hei Toki made in Takapuwahia, Porirua, New Zealand. 

11.5cm length by 2.4cm at widest    

Made from genuine New Zealand Pounamu\Greenstone sourced directly from Ngai Tahu.

This Hei Toki taonga will come with a serial number that can be put into the Ngai Tahu Pounamu website this will give you information on the stone that these taonga was created from. 


The Toki is a symbol of strength, courage and bravery. In the Māori heritage from New Zealand, the Toki adze is a symbol deeply connected with the craft of woodworking. This distinct tool, featuring a curved blade was used in shaping canoes/waka, homes and sacred places. Fashioned from durable materials such as pounamu greenstone, these adzes transcended mere utility to become cultural heirlooms passed down through generations. The creation of a Toki adze blended skill and artistry, with each contour and edge symbolizing a masterpiece. In modern times, these taonga stand as guardians of tradition, preserving ancient wisdom through Māori rituals, customs and traditions. 


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